Jordan Lake State Recreational Site

Screenshot_20180410-185414_InstagramWith all the beach feels right in the Triangle, Jordan Lake offers beautiful marked swimming areas, secluded lagoons and beaches, well-equipped camping areas, and gorgeous hiking trails. Three of the swimming areas, Ebenezer Church rec area, Seaforth, and Parker’s Creek have great playgrounds, picnic and grills, and bathhouses with showers right on the water.  One of the best things about these beach areas are the bird watching that is available right on the lake, with bald eagle and osprey sightings frequent! Screenshot_20180415-112831_InstagramMy kids love the clay bottom lake for making squishy castles, and the tide pools that appear after rain for spying little fish and insect larvae. Hikes at  nearby New Hope Overlook and the trail around Seaforth are pretty manageable for kids and loop, which is always good for us, since mine don’t love backtracking! Hope you and your family get to spend one of these warm days at Jordan Lake soon!

With Love,  Turtle Dove

Know Before You Go:  Some of these beaches occasionally close for different events or natural occurrences like downed trees or water quality issues. Make sure to check the website at for current conditions

There are restrooms at all of the designated swimming areas, in the campgrounds, and along the trails. New Hope overlook has composting toilets along the trails

Water snakes can be found here, both in and around swimming areas and along trails

Ebenezer beach seems to be the least used beach here, with fewer guests, if you are looking for a smaller crowd

There are canoe and boat launches at the park, and fishing is popular here as well. Fishing is not allowed within swimming areas.

Swimming areas are not guarded, but they provide life jackets free for use at all three public beachesScreenshot_20180415-112912_Instagram