Harris Energy and Environmental Center

Adobe_20180519_195836-02-01The Harris Nuclear Plant in New Hill, NC is currently owned by Duke Energy and produces enough electricity to power 500,000 homes.  As a liaison between the plant and the public, Harris set aside several acres as an education center and hiking trails.  The center offers scheduled tours that cover the topics of energy production and energy conservation.  There are interactive exhibits, most are suited for school-age children. The trails outside have a number of bridges and board walks and move through several ecosystems, including a field and stream. Trees are marked with interpretive signs.  The deciduous canopy and beautiful ferns make these trails beautiful in the spring time, and each bend seems to have an interesting fallen tree, moss covered ledge, or little stream to explore.  Hope your family gets out to the environmental center soon!

With Love, Turtle Dove

Know Before You Go:  The Center is closed on weekends and opens to the public for scheduled tours only.  See to learn more about booking a tour. The trails are open to the public from sun up to sundown each day.

The trails can be difficult to follow, look for white markings and the occasional set of arrow signs.

There are no public restrooms, unless you are there for a scheduled tour.



Honeysuckle Tea House

Screenshot_20180415-130722_InstagramThis is such an amazing, special place to our hearts!   Honeysuckle is a family friendly, open air place in Chapel Hill, that serves their own home-grown and blended teas, as well as kombucha, smoothies, and sometimes local snacks, baked goods, and soups.  My children love the open tea fields, herb garden, and yoga yurt here! There is also a playground, picnic area, Maypole, stage, hammocks in the shade, and a little bamboo area to explore.  I can’t say enough about the lovely, free-feeling goodness that my family and friends have here.  You can bring your own food and just enjoy drinks here for hours! Hope you get to check it out soon!

With Love, Turtle Dove

Know Before You Go:  Honeysuckle is open seasonally Th-Sun. Check their website before you make the treck out to their farm

The farm is full of flowers, and pollinators (bees) are encouraged. Be aware that this is an open air venue, there is nowhere to go inside or get away from insects if you have allergies

Snacks vary here, make sure to bring your own as there are none within walking distance if they sell out or don’t have something you like to go with your delicious drink


RDU Observation Park

Screenshot_20180410-232515_DriveThis place is great if you have a little aircraft enthusiast or for anyone who wants to see a few planes take off and land up close. A little jungle gym and a mini  mock runway make great additions, but the real draw is the observation deck overlooking the small aircraft hangars and the western runway near the control tower. My children love leaning against the deck rails watching planes come in, especially when we are waiting for someone traveling or waving goodbye as someone heads out. (They wave goodbye to every plane for good measure). They also love running the little runway, pretending to race the big planes. Hope you get to check it out next time you’re dropping someone off for a flight or just for fun on a clear day!

With Love, Turtle Dove

Know Before you Go:  The Park address is W International Dr, Morrisville, NC 27560. This little park can be hard to find and GPS/maps sometimes doesn’t recognize the address. Just past the terminals, you will take a right on W. International Drive. Follow it past the control tower until you can take a left on Business St.  The park is on your left.

There are restrooms located near the observation deck.

The stairs, monkey bars and lots of the picnic tables are in disrepair lately. Hopefully, this is just because of the high volume of traffic there and they will get those fixed up soon.Screenshot_20180403-092208_Drive