Bynum Beach/Bridge and the Lower Haw River State Natural Area

20180311_180737Bynum, a beautiful little community of creatives just south of Chapel Hill, acts as the gateway for parts of the Lower Haw River State Natural Area. This preserve that is now part of the park system boasts over 1000 acres of flowing (sometimes gushing!) waters, rock outcrops, and hiking trails. We park at the grafitti-decorated pedestrian bridge on Bynum Road, and hike along the river on both sides, exploring trees with mossy root systems that make perfect places to build fairy houses. The canoe access there is great for swimming or wading, and there always seems to be some new rope swing hanging off of a tree near the water’s edge.  It’s a lush, green wonderland in summer, and the bridge and trees provide shade for several great swimming areas. It’s one of our favorite “off-the-beaten-path” places to visit, I hope you get over there to see it sometime, too!

With Love,  Turtle Dove

Know before you go:

No public bathrooms are located here or nearby

It can be tough to find at first. One way is from US 15-501 south of the Haw River bridge, turn east on Bynum Road. Go 0.3 miles to the Bynum pedestrian bridge. Park along the road.

There are lots of “healthy” (read as HUGE) water snakes around the water and rocky areas to observe.

Tubing is awesome here, you just have to hike back up part of the Lower  Haw trail and cross the bridge afterward.

Fisherman like to cast in some of the areas that are also great for swimming, look out for hook snags.