Harris Lake County Park

Screenshot_20180312-212007So, I’m not sure about you, but I’m all about a lake park, especially a lake park with disc golf, bike trails, hiking, history exhibits, a nature playspace, and a playground. Harris Lake County Park in New Hill has some of the most beautiful natural hiking and wildlife viewing areas, and 2 great, and very different, play areas for kids if they haven’t walked off all of their energy. We use it frequently as a resource for wetlands and water quality studies. We also love taking a time-travel walk on the history trail and reinforcing ideas about agricultural practices in NC. The Nature Playground is awesome for pretend play, as there is a giant found-wood shelter, a sandbox, and tunnels. I hope you and your family get a chance to play there soon!

With Love, Turtle Dove

Know before you go:

There is no swimming area at the park.

Bathrooms are located at the back of the park near the Nature Playspace. There is a port-a-jon near the disc golf trail. They are often both lacking in the soap/sanitizer department.

Some of the trail markings can be misleading, esp as you get further from the playground.

Deer are around a lot in the evenings, in large groups. They are beautiful to see, but they also bring ticks. Lots of ticks. We always check after hiking here.

Lots and lots and lots of dogs visit here, esp on weekends. *Most*of the owners clean up. They stay on the trails for the most part, not in the playgrounds.



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